Evo 7, 8, 9 Rally Mudflap Installation Guide


1. Start with the rear mudflaps first. The rear wheels need to be removed for access into the rear wheel wells.
Loosen the wheels nuts slightly and then safely jack up the rear of the car and secure using axel stands.
Make sure the car is jacked up on a level surface. Remove both of the back wheels.

2. The next step is to prepare the rear mudflaps for installation. The large bracket attaches on the opposite side of the logo.
The smaller rectangular bracket mounts on the opposite side of the logo.
Secure the mudflap to the brackets using 1 bolts, 1 washers and 1 nuts.

3. Remove original fasteners and gently pull the bumper away from the arch lining.
Slide 1 gold clip onto the plastic arch lining.
Attach the mudflap using the long screws and washers.
If you have no arch lining do not use the gold clips, instead use the m6x25mm bolts with nuts and washers
to attach the mudflap and bracket to the rear bumper.

4. With the mudflap in position, use a spirit level to check that it is straight and gently tighten down the screws/bolts
holding the mudflap to the rear bumper.
Position the rectangular bracket so that it meets up with the inner wheelarch, use the OEM mounting hole and an allen head screw, 

5. Fasten the rectangular bracket to the car using a small screw and washer. The rectangular bracket will need to be bent slightly.
Make a final check with the spirit level before tightening everything down.

6. Rear mudflap optional assembly.
Use additional hole to secure top of mudflap, use m6x25mm bolt and the 7mm aluminum spacer provided.

7. Rear assembly now complete.

8. Front wheelarch should look something like this.

9. Remove OEM fasteners and carefully pull back the skirt and slide gold clips onto the fender.

10. Attach the flap to the fender using the long screws and washers.

11. Use the rectangular bracket and attach to the OEM hole for securing the arch liner. The rectangular bracket will need to be bent slightly.

12. Check again using the spirit level.

13. Front assembly complete.

14. Done!