GD/GG Rally Mudflap Installation Guide

FOR PVC MUDFLAPS - flap with 3 holes is the front flap, the flap with 4 holes is the rear flap
FOR POLYURETHANE MUDFLAPS - flap with 6 holes is the front flap, the flap with 8 holes is the rear flap

If you have purchased the Sport Spec mudflaps with no brackets, simply skip steps involving bracket assembly
The Sport Spec mudflaps mount using most of the same holes as the WRC Spec but extra holes will need
to be drilled in the wheel arch to secure the inner part of the mudflap.


1. Start with the rear mudflaps first. The rear wheels need to be removed for access into the rear wheel wells.
Loosen the wheels nuts slightly and then safely jack up the rear of the car and secure using axel stands.
Make sure the car is jacked up on a level surface. Remove both of the back wheels.

2. The next step is to prepare the rear mudflaps for installation. The bracket attaches on the opposite side of the logo.
Secure the mudflap to the bracket using 2 bolts, 2 washers and 2 nuts.

3. Next, attach the flap loosely to the rear bumper of the car using the M6X25MM bolts, M6 washers and M6 nuts.
Don't tighten the bolts as this stage requires quite a lot of adjustment to get the fitment just right.
The innermost part of the bracket needs to be bent at around a 40 degree angle as shown in the pic.
As you can see from the spirit level, at this stage the flap is not level.

4. Using the spirit level to ensure that the mudflap is perfectly straight, mark the hole for the innermost fixing.

5. Carefully drill the hole in the inner wheel arch. Seal with some paint to prevent rust.

6. Secure the innermost part of the mudflap using one of the shorter screws.
Continue checking that the flap is level, when you are happy tighten down all of the bolts and the screw.
Repeat the same process on the other side of the car, now the rear installation is complete.
Re-attach the rear wheels and get the car back on the ground.

7. Now it's time to start on the front. For the front installation wheel removal is not necessary.
The front wheel arch trim has two plastic plugs that need to be removed as shown in the picture below.

8. With the plugs removed, gently pull the arch lining back. Slide on the gold retaining clips over the holes in
the fender.

10. Follow STEP 2 above and attach the bracket to the mudflap.
Next is to attach the mudflap to the car using 2 long screws and washers. Don't tighten these up yet as adjustment
will be required.

11. Using a spirit level to check that the flaps are straight, prepare to attach the innermost part of the bracket.
The bracket needs to be bent at around a 20 degree angle. Checking that the flap is level with the spirit level mark
the hole that needs to be drilled. Apply some paint after drilling the hole to prevent rust.
Secure the innermost part of the bracket using a small screw and washer.

12. Using the spirit level to check straightness, when you are happy the flap is level tighten the screws to secure
the flap. Repear process on the other side.

13. Car is now finished. Perform a final check using the spirit level.
If you are having problems with installation, please contact us.