GC/GM/GF Alternator Cover Install Guide

Please take your time when installing this product, it may take some trial and error to get the perfect fit.

1. First thing to do is remove the OEM cover. Your engine
will now look like this. We will use the two mounting points
as shown by the pink arrows.

2. On the left hand side of the engine, we're going to use the
OEM moutning point on the power steering fluid

3. On the right hand side we will use the OEM bracket
attached to the A/C compressor.

4. Start with the left hand mounting point, attach the 'U' shaped bracket
as shown in the photo below. DON'T OVERTIGHTEN!
Just tighten it so it doesn't move, we'll need to fine tune
everything later on.

5. Next attach the right hand side bracket. Same as
before, don't overtighten it because you'll need
to adjust it later on. Make sure it's vertical.

6. Now that both of the brackets are in place, test fit the
cover and check that it's nice and level.
Make any adjustments to the bracket position and keep
checking. When you're happy, tighten the brackets.
It's easiest to check with a spirit level.

7. Attach the remaining two bolts to the cover.