EP3 Shifter Surround Plate Installation Guide


1. Loosen the lock nut on the shift knob using a 14mm wrench, remove the shift knob and the lock nut

2. Remove the center console trim by pushing your thumbs into the rubber gaiter as shown in the photo (use both hands, the photo only shows one hand). Pull the center console trim towards you gently to unclip it

3. With the centre console trim now loose, disconnect the hazard light connector

4. Then disconnect the cigarette lighter connector

5. Take the centre console trim over to a bench. Place a soft cloth or rag under the center console trim and remove the three gold screws holding the OEM rubber boot in place.

6. Install the carbon plate, it should fit snugly. Secure it using the supplied stainless steel screws. ONLY USE THE SUPPLIED STAINLESS STEEL SCREWS. DO NOT REUSE THE OEM GOLD SCREWS AS THEY ARE TOO LONG AND THEY WILL DAMAGE THE CENTRE CONSOLE TRIM.

7. Reconnect the hazard switch and cigarette lighter connectors, then push the center console trim back into place

8. Reinstall the lock nut and shift knob, tighten with a 14mm wrench

9. Before driving, check engagement in all gears to make sure the carbon plate does not interfere with gear changes

10. Finished!